Rescuing The Past

I was recently asked, why I do what I do? My immediate answer was because it makes me happy. Upon further reflection, there really is so much more to why I “do what I do”. Of course making something beautiful out of something discarded is rewarding all on it’s own but it’s also a feeling of repurpose and bringing new life to an object.

In most cases, the antique service ware that I use in my designs, is over 100 yrs old. These objects held a place of honour for generations of families, until they were eventually discarded, as no longer purposeful in our modern day living. Families today typically live in smaller homes, with less room to store items that may only be polished and used (if at all) on special occasions. Gone are the days of Sunday dinners hosted by large families. The need for good china and fancy tableware has fallen out of favour and fashion.

I find these objects still hold a place in someones heart. They seem to give off good energy. Baby cups that were given to celebrate a new life, tea services given as wedding and anniversary gifts. They were all gifted with love and great intent. The beautiful detail and craftsmanship of silversmiths and hand engravers is well worth preserving, as it too has become a dying trade and art.

As a goldsmith I can see the potential in so many of these objects. I do “what I do” because I can and because it makes me feel good to bring these objects back to life and hopefully to a place of honour once again.IMG_0987 2


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