Symbolism and Remembrance

Recently, I set out to create a very special piece as a symbol of strength and remembrance for a good friend. Her son (and my friend) had died while serving in the Canadian Airborne Regiment on tour in Rwanda. Scott had been given an anti-malaria drug known as mefloquine. This drug caused him to hallucinate resulting in taking his own life.

I had been looking for some time for a piece of silver-plate that had a poppy pattern. In fact this pattern had alluded me in my scouring and searching in vain. As luck would have it, this heavily tarnish spoon appeared at my studio just weeks ago. It was placed by my door on some boxes that my fiancé had been finishing for me. To this day, I still don’t know who, how or where the spoon came from.

This is the result. Sterling silver and black pearls adorn the poppies. One very pretty detailed poppy hangs downward with a pearl droplet. The top portion of the pendant has two joined poppies that open to embrace the wearer’s neck. My hope is that this creation brings strength to Val as she continues her fight to prevent the continued use of this terrible drug.

I call this piece: Mefloquine Dreams




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